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Flint Community Players Arts Scholarship

The Flint Community Players Scholarship was established to assist promising students in the Arts at the post secondary level, as a major or minor. The amount and number of scholarships offered shall be determined each year by the FCP Scholarship Fund Committee. The scholarship may be renewable at a lower monetary amount than the initial award, subject to satisfactory progress.

Two female pilots, one helping the other with her equipment, from Flint Community Players' production of Decision Heights

Scholarship Requirements

  • Completed and Signed Scholarship Application

  • Copy of Current Transcripts (High School or College)

  • Evidence of Acceptance into a College Program with an Arts Major or Minor

  • Letter to the Scholarship Committee; no longer than 2 pages, detailing your career/credits as an artist that explains how these experiences have affected your life, what the arts have taught you, and how you plan to incorporate the arts into your long-range goals.

  • Two Letters of Recommendation; one from someone involved in your education, one fromsomeone from an extracurricular/community activity.

Selection Criteria


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of: academic achievement and extracurricular activities, as well as community service and involvement. Determination will be made strictly on the merit of the applicant’s performance against the above criteria. The selection and award of scholarships is a nondiscriminatory process. The scholarship may be applied for every year of study in higher education for the Arts regardless of prior awards.

Completed Packets are to be postmarked or time-stamped no later than

April 15, 2024 
Flint Community Players
Attn: Scholarship Committee
2462 S. Ballenger Highway

Flint, MI 48507

Deadline strictly adhered to and will not be changed due to weather delays, snow days, or power outages.

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